sponsor_1Thank you for your interest to support us as a sponsor. KBN’s focus is to unite Kingdom Business owners and professionals in the marketplace across all nations.

William Carey one of the greatest Evangelist in late 1700s’ motto was this:
Our mandate, apart from sharing the gospel, is to take possession (occupy) of the earth until Jesus returns. To do this every believer must not only have passion and purpose but at all times be at peak performance to accomplish their God given assignment in the marketplace.

The Worldly system (Babylonian) looks to successful people for inspiration… we as believers are to look to our Lord for guidance and success.

Achieving peak performance is no mean feat. It requires determination, focus, grit, patience and above all dependence upon the Lord’s guidance.

This is what as a platform we want to establish… for our members to:
– Achieve success in their assignment
– Provide inspiration to fulfill their mandate
– Give encouragement due the lows
– Provide motivation to run and finish the race

We have intentionally kept our membership fees low so that belivers in the marketplace across ALL nations can afford and benefit.

Like all businesses/organisations, we plant a seed in faith and expect a good harvest, to be good stewards and Kingdom investors. We have planted this mustard seed in faith over 12 months ago.

We need every support to ensure we stay the course and achieve our purpose.

This is why we are seeking 25 sponsors, contributing AUD1,000 a year or $100 per month to help us cover some of our operating costs.

This is a small amount and can be off-set against your company taxes as expense. In addion, your company name and logo will appear on the home page as a sponsor. This will also give greater visibility to your company.

My prayer is that as you seek the Lord on this matter, you will have the peace and joy to support us.

Please contact me to arrange an invoice or to call you for further info.

The Lord bless you and make His have shine upon you.