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KBN Weekly Devotionals

Triple Threats of the Enemy

Posted February 11, 2019

This question is often asked, “How was the Devil able to cause Adam and Eve to fall? 🍎 How could they have been so stupid to give up intimacy with God🙏, a perfect home in the garden, and eternal life for temporary pleasure?”

Overcoming Trials and Tests

Posted February 04, 2019

🙇‍♂️There was a time in my life when I faced unbearable trials: uncertainty, spiritual doubts, anxiety, marital, and financial pressures. It lasted so long that I thought it would never be over; it became a constant companion. 🤝

Seven Steps to Overcoming Spritual Warfare in the Marketplace

Posted January 28, 2019

🙌We are at war against an unseen enemy that is ever present in our lives who is determined to destroy us and hinder God’s plan for our lives. This war is not against a person but against a spirit, though it manifests through people 🕴 and systems.

Created in His Image

Posted January 21, 2019

🙏It is unfortunate that despite the revealed truth of the Word of God, some still foolishly believe in the lie called evolution; that man came into being as a result of a random act of nature 🍂 and evolved from a monkey into a human being. 🐒

Spiritual Warfare in the marketplace

Posted January 14, 2019

When someone running to become 📞president☎️ of a country wins the elections,🙋‍♂️ in preparation for them to take office, they begin to get access to highly classified information about the threats facing the nation; information that the public may not be fully aware of.

Dream Killers

Posted January 07, 2019

🗣 Joseph’s brothers, being jealous of him and offended that he dared to believe a 🌌🌠  dream that he may one day rule over them, sought to do the one thing that would ensure that the dream never materialized: kill him.

Dreaming Of Goodness

Posted December 31, 2018

🙌 Joseph was the 11th son of an entrepreneur named Jacob and a young dreamer who dreamed of one day becoming a great man. 👨‍💼 He was so confident of his dreams that he told his family about them (big mistake).

Self Control

Posted December 24, 2018

👏 Do you realize that the number one cause of sin in the life of most Christians is not the Devil but a lack of self-control? ✋ We constantly blame the Devil for things that we have the power to control ourselves.


Posted December 16, 2018

✝️Among the nine characteristics of the fruit of the Spirit, the eighth characteristic is gentleness–which is also known as meekness. Most people in the world confuse meekness with weakness. Even Jim Collins, one of the greatest minds of the best business practices of our time, refers to meekness as weakness in his book, “Good to...


Posted December 09, 2018

✝️In the early days of my ministry, I went through a wilderness experience. I was tempted to leave the local church where I came to Christ and was discipled.💪


Posted December 02, 2018

✝️Goodness is the sixth characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit. At first glance it seems like there is not much difference between kindness and goodness, but when you dig deep into the differences between these two words you see that they are significantly different. Kindness is an expression of how one feels on the inside while goodness...

Wait Upon the Lord

Posted November 25, 2018

✝️Before the days of electronic surveillance, speeding tickets meant being delayed an additional 30 minutes to 1 hour because of the time it took the police officer to fill out the necessary paperwork.

The Joy of the Lord

Posted November 18, 2018

✝️I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time seeing people walk around with frowns on their faces. They more resemble prunes rather than fresh, sweet, juicy oranges. Some say it is not realistic to be joyful all the time, but I say it is. 💪


Posted November 11, 2018

✝️You may have heard the expression “God don’t like ugly” when someone does something unkind. It is often said to indicate that bad things will happen to the evildoer as a result of their act (in other words, “What goes around, comes around.”) It is true that God does not “like ugly” behaviors and...

All Things Work Together For Good

Posted November 04, 2018

✝️Next to John 3:16, Romans 8:28 may be the most quoted verse in the Bible. Not only is this a convenient verse to turn to when things are not going our way or when we are facing challenges, but it is also very encouraging.💪

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