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Curing Founder’s Disease

Can Founder's Disease be prevented?  What if you already caught it?  Can it be cured? Let's explore this topic together in today's devotional. 

Curing Founder’s Disease

“…Then Nathan said to David, ‘You are the man'"2 Samuel 12:7a

“Between my wife and my partner, God is able to keep me from getting a big head.”  This was a statement made by a Biblical Entrepreneur who has wilfully surrounded himself with people who keep him accountable and is fully open to correction.  This founder recognizes his own vulnerability, so he willingly submits to accountability partners and diligently seeks for a church that will challenge him spiritually. He and his partner regularly fast and use a business coach to provide corporate accountability and spiritual guidance to them and their management team.

As Benjamin Franklin once said “An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.”  And this founder I mentioned above has established a prevention system intended to help him avoid catching Founder’s Disease. How can you do the same?  Like any disease, prevention requires both a defensive and an offensive strategy.  The offensive strategy helps to build your immune system, so that if you get exposed to the disease you are strong enough to resist it. The defensive strategy ensures that if you feel any symptoms you know how to quickly administer a cure so that it does not turn into a full-blown infection.

How to prevent yourself from catching the Founder's Disease?

  1. Study the scriptures – Acts 17:11
  2. Consistent prayer and fasting – Colossians 4:2, Daniel 9:3
  3. Stay active – Nehemiah 4:6
  4. Guard your heart – Proverbs 4:23
  5. Establish an accountability circle – James 5:16
  6. Yield to wise counsel – Proverbs 15:22
  7. Repent when confronted – Acts 3:19

As important as prevention is, it is not foolproof. You would think that since David was a victim of the Saul Spirit and witnessed Saul’s destruction by Founder’s Disease that he would have learned from his mistakes. The best way to learn is by observing other people’s mistakes, but sometimes we have to go through it ourselves to really learn.  Though David could not prevent himself from being a victim of this disease, he was able to tap into a cure.

David had defeated all his enemies and built one of the strongest armies in the history of the nation of Israel.  However, because of this confidence, he chose to stay home during a time when he should have been in battle.  As he walked his balcony one evening, he noticed a beautiful woman bathing. Instead of fleeing from temptation, he inquired about her and ended up sleeping with her.  Upon hearing that she had become pregnant, he tried to conceal it and eventually resorted to orchestrating a scheme that killed her husband. (2 Samuel 11) David caught Founder’s Disease and it was quickly wreaking havoc upon his life.

You would think that with these dreadful acts it would surely be the end of King David’s rule on the throne of Israel.  But by God’s grace he was able to be cured of Founder’s Disease, though he still suffered many consequences for his actions.

The cure for Founder’s Disease requires two things:

  1. Confrontation – Founder’s Disease cannot be cured unless it is first confronted. You must have people around you who hold you accountable and have the permission and boldness to step in and confront you when they begin to see symptoms of Founder’s Disease. You must also be prepared to listen to their counsel.  God used the prophet Nathan to boldly confront David using godly wisdom and discernment.
  2. Repentance – Confrontation must yield repentance.  Repentance is full admission of guilt with a commitment to tap into the grace of God to turn completely away from the wrongdoing.  David received the counsel of Nathan, took full responsibility for his actions and changed his ways.

“Against you, you only, have I sinned, And done this evil in Your sight. That you may be found just when You speak, and blameless when you judge.”Psalm 51:4

My prayer for you this week is that the Lord gives you the wisdom to establish a system around you to ensure that you never have to deal with Founder’s Disease. If you do fall victim, I pray you are able to cure it quickly as David did.  If you work with someone who you suspect has the disease, may God give you the courage to confront them so they may repent and not lose the promises of God for their life, their family, and their descendants.

Reflection: How can you apply the suggested prevention and cure in your life?

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Posted on Monday, 09 November 2020

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