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Enemies of the Cross

Are you an enemy of the Cross? Do you know how to recognize one? How do you avoid being one? 

Let's explore this topic together in today's devotional:

Enemies of the Cross

“For many walk, of whom I have told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ.” - Philippians 3:18 

Are you an enemy of the Cross? Do you know how to recognize one? How do you avoid being one? 

The Apostle Paul never mixed his words. In his writings, he was always intentional about being direct and honest. In Philippians 3, after demonstrating his own commitment to Christ and asking that we follow his example, he describes a group we ought to avoid. 

As a committed Biblical Entrepreneur, it is important to keep in mind that there are some who may call themselves Biblical Entrepreneurs, or even marketplace ministers, though their actions do not reflect it. They confess Christ and say all the right things. But in business dealings with fellow Christians and even unbelievers, they act no different than the world and sometimes even act worse. The Apostle Paul calls these people enemies of the Cross. 

What is an enemy of the Cross and why would Paul call anyone an enemy of the Cross? 

An enemy of the Cross is anyone who claims Christ, but his or her actions deny Him. These people are considered enemies of the Cross, because in their actions, they crucify our Lord again. They are hypocritical and give Christ a bad name; they draw people away from Him. 

What are the characteristics of enemies of the Cross? 

  1. Their god is their belly – It’s all about the profits. They worship material things and seek only to satisfy their appetites. 
  2. Their glory is in their shame – They celebrate false accomplishments and evil, the outcome of their ungodly actions. 
  3. They set their minds on earthly things – They seek after earthly rewards rather than kingdom rewards; they love the things of the world more than God. 

During the normal course of business and life, it may not always be obvious when we are operating as enemies of the Cross. However, how do we behave when we are in the midst of difficult situations, when we do not get what we want although we deserve it, when people disappoint us, or when we are squeezed by the pressures of life and business? These are the moments when our witness ought to shine the most. 

These are times when our actions tell whether we are citizens of heaven or citizens of earth. A citizen of earth is an enemy of the Cross since he sees the earth as the end, while a citizen of heaven recognizes earth as a temporary place and longs for his real home in heaven. He is able to avoid demonstrating carnal and worldly behavior through the power and direction of our mighty Father. 

Since we held the first BE class in 1997, I have seen several Biblical Entrepreneurs squeezed by the pressures of business and life, and unfortunately, I am ashamed to say that not everyone always passed the test. I am proud to say most of those I know personally have passed tests even to their own detriment. Even under some of the most difficult circumstances, some godly Biblical Entrepreneurs demonstrated their loyalty to the Cross by: 

  • Settling lawsuits even when they were wrongly accused 
  • Choosing not to divorce even when cheated on or continuously abused by their mates due to their commitment to the covenant of marriage 
  • Unconditionally loving those whose actions demonstrate that they do not have their best interest at heart 
  • Doing the right thing even when it hurts, and the wrong thing could have been legally justified 
  • Choosing to honor Christ at the expense of business gain and even when faced with potential business losses 
  • Settling with clients or vendors even when it is clear they were in the wrong 
  • Doing right by an employee though the employee is undeserving of it 
  • Pressing through difficult situations and not quitting on life even though it would have been easier 
  • Following through on their words even when it hurts 
  • Continuing to trust God even when it does not make sense and everything seems to be falling apart 

It is not easy to avoid being an enemy of the Cross, but the alternative is devastating to us and the kingdom. The key thing that the Devil uses to cause us to be an enemy of the Cross is the desire for gain or the prospect of loss. If we can put our affection on things above and not beneath, then earthly gain or loss no longer matter; instead, we seek heavenly rewards. Evaluate your attitude and actions today. 

Confess those areas in which you have acted like an enemy of the Cross and seek God for the grace to put your affections on those things that are above. 

My prayer for you today is that God will give you the grace to model the example of the Apostle Paul so that you may not be an enemy of the Cross.

Reflection: Jesus said we are to carry OUR cross and follow Him… are you? 

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Posted on Thursday, 07 April 2022

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