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It is God who gives you power to create wealth……Deu 8:18

Do you know that:
Capacity without Compassion = indifference.
Compassion without Capacity = frustration.
Compassion with Capacity = transformational (you can change lives)

Which one is you? Most believers have compassion but lack capacity and end up FRUSTRATED.

God’s plan for you is to have compassion and capacity to live a life of contentment and be a blessing to others.
Dream what Heaven has for you, GROW in capacity.

Our mission is to help you as Kingdom Entrepreneurs and Professionals to increase your capacity to be transformational by:

- Free up your time
- Increasing your skill set
- Increasing your wealth

Online Training

Local Community

Global Events

A global community for you to

Do Business God’s way

Grow in your faith while you grow your business. Our globally accessible online training and structured local chapters of like-minded believers will keep you focused on what matters most.
  • Promoting your business in our global directory
  • Free access to exclusive webinars and online resources
  • Discounted training and coaching resources
  • Free entry to local chapter meetings
  • A portion of your membership fee goes to Kingdom projects

Global Community.

Local Chapters.

By combining online training and webinars with local chapters, we provide you with the best of both worlds, digital and local faced-to-face networking. 

  • “There's no greater time in history for marketplace believers to bound together in community then now. KBN is both a great idea and a timely one.”

    Patrice Tsague | Founder of Nehemiah Project
  • “KBN has given me a community of like minded business owners to fellowship with and learn and grow in biblical business principles. I no longer feel isolated as a Christian business owner.”

    Michelle Foxwell | Franchisor of Seal-A-Fridge
  • “God has given me through KBN strategies and prophetic breakthrough to launch me to pursue the desires of my heart in business. In the last 2 and a half years, and my business has grown over 600% and my income has grown supernaturally by 20-fold.”

    May Chee Lau | Investment Consultant
  • “I feel very well supported through KBN both practically and spiritually not only in business, but all walks of life.”

    Alex Lau | CEO of SeeSharp Group
  • "KBN has benefitted me by breaking down many mindsets which limited my potential. My time with the KBN team has opened my mind to imagine God given promises for me to exercise the authority given to me. It has also shattered the myth that Pastors are not business people which has launched me on a personal journey to develop a plan for financial independence."

    Pastor Bruce Ollington
  • "Over the years KBN has been very valuable to me and my business. It has been a source of encouragement, knowledge, wisdom and revelation. Connecting with other like minded people and great teachers has also been of great benefit. I would highly recommend KBN to any Christian entrepreneur or business."

    Jessie Barret, Barret & Sons | Painters
  • "A few years ago I watched a video that Mathew from KBN talking about Christian Businesses doing ministry together and what we could achieve together. This inspired me to reach out as I am always trying to do the best in business and i wanted to help others do the same. Being part of KBN, helps with networking opportunities but it is more than that. Helping other business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their business by helping them with advice and sharing our own success and failures to help each business thrive. It is great being in this environment where we don't see each other as competition but allies in the global market."

    Dr David A Jones | Chiropractor


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