When you join our community you
join a Business group with
a difference.

KBN is a business platform created to serve you and empower you to grow by;

Breaking Cycles of Debt

And destruction in your personal, career and business life.

Setting up biblical strategies

For steady income growth & business multiplication.

Freedom with your time

And resources (cashflow) to pursue God’s calling for you.

Fulfilling the great commission

And advancing God’s kingdom.

KBN is both a good idea
and a timely one.


Everyone wants quick success, like a Sprinter. Anyone can run a 100 metre race, but God wants us to be a Marathon runner, at His pace, not ours. Our journey on earth is life long, not finished until called home. The race is a contest of stamina, endurance, perseverance and above all faith – in His promises and reward. At KBN we are committed to help you achieve this mandate in manageable portions. Helping you to grow in your business/vocation and faith to fulfill your God given purpose.



  • Kingdom Investors Event

    20th July 2017

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  • Mitcham – New Chapter

    8th Aug 2017

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  • Full day ‘Finding Your Assignment’ seminar

    9th Sep 2017

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“There is no greater time in history for marketplace believers to bound together in community then now. With the global economic crisis those who operate in isolation with continue to suffer and those who operate in community will thrive. Mathew demonstrates both a commitment and a passion to provide an answer to facilitate community. KBN is both a good idea and a timely one.”

Patrice Tsague,Founder and Chief Servant Officer, Nehemiah Project International

“Being a part of KBN has been a life changing experience to both my business and me personally. I feel very well supported practically and spiritually with fellow Christian entrepernuer who are genuinely interested in what I do in business and in life.”

Alex, SeeSharp Productions And Alex Lau \ Executive Producer

“It is with pleasure that I can recommend KBN (Kingdom Business Network ) to any who are aspiring to run a Kingdom Business or be involved in any Kingdom market place activities. Their network meetings and the teachings are first class and I can highly recommend KBN”

John Lockwood,Chairman Kingdom Builders

“Mathew Avadiar, with Kingdom Business Network shows real passion and genuine concern for Christian business entrepreneurs. He has a wealth of personal experience, an excitement to share this with audiences small and large and an enthusiastic desire to see this lived out within the broad marketplace both locally, throughout Australia, and globally.I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to journey with him as he pursues these God-given goals”

Rev Dr Brian Birkett,Managing Director of Springboard Consulting Australia

"There are truths in God's word, that for some reason appear to have remained hidden for years. It is now time for those truths to be exposed and taught to those who are called to the marketplace. It is time for those leaders to be honored for and understand that call and the role that they play in God's Kingdom, not only as ministers in and to the marketplace, but also their significant role in their part of the economy of God's Kingdom design called the marketplace, or work place. Thank you Mathew for courageously bringing those Marketplace leaders the truth, encouraging them in those truths and spreading this truth to the nations around the globe through KBN. It is a blessing to work along side you in this Kingdom endeavor."

Ford Taylor,Founder FSH Group/ Transformational Leadership

"I am very amazed at the huge vision of KBN. It brings the right blend of connections in the market place with missions across Nations. I am privileged to serve with them and it increasingly makes me realize that KBN and people like Mathew Avadiar are committed to help those in the market place. KBN helps them experience exponential growth and multiplication in their respective spheres through BIBLICAL MANDATES and not mere human efforts and networking. I want to learn from KBN and be part of their GLOBAL VISION."

Peter Kumar, Founder, Forerunners Ministries International.

Why should I become a Member of Kingdom Business Network?
  • Everything we do, we believe in challenging you to grow
  • We help you to think differently, to step-up from where you have settled
  • We equip you with simple and manageable, yet powerful resources and tools to fulfill your God given passion and purpose
  • We just happen to be THE platform for you, join us
  • We make it very affordable to everyone

“Includes countries like “Australia. Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, USA, UK and All European Countries”

Developed Countries


Or AUD319/year

“Excludes countries like “Australia. Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea, Singapore, USA, UK and All European Countries”

Developing Countries


Or AUD154/year
KBN mission is to grow and equip members from all Nations.