Biblical Stewardship

with Art Ally

Founder of Timothy Plan 
(under license with Nehemiah Project International)

Understand and manage your money according to the Bible

Uncrack the money code with godly guidance and wisdom
  • Practical teaching with real-world examples
  • Learn from Art Ally, with a track record of tackling poverty and debt with Christians worldwide
  • Understand your true inheritance and live a life of abundance
  • Leave an everlasting legacy

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$135.00 AUD

Biblical Stewardship Series

Transform your hard-earned dollars into purposeful planning and kingdom impacting wealth

No longer be confused and guilty about money. Put steps in place to manage it well and leave plenty for your children’s children.
Learn from the Master
Step-by-Step Training
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"Most Christians struggle to master and manage their finances due to either legalistic upbringing or bad theology.

God expects us to be good stewards of what He provides us. He cannot bless you with more if you do not steward what you already have.

I urge you to do this training with your loved ones so that they will biblically break the curse of poverty, together we prosper."

- Matthew Avadiar


6 Modules

Become biblically money-smart with these 6 modules

Detailed study guides crafted by Art personally to make sure you put the head knowledge into practical actions right away.


Learn God's overall plan for financial success, and how to battle the temptation of materialism.


How to avoid the overextension of debt created in our nation and personal lives today.


Look beyond stocks and bonds, see what God has to say about growing your money.


Giving doesn't just equal to tithing. In this model we are going to explore the true biblical mandate of this issue.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is the process of incorporating a person’s property, family and values into a well thought out plan.


The question we deal with in this final module is, “Should Christians be concerned about the culture?"

12 Videos

More than 120 hours of teaching from Art Ally

On Foundational, Debt, Investing, Estate Planning, Giving, Culture.

$150.00 AUD


$135.00 AUD


Who Is Art Ally?

Arthur D. Ally (Art) is the Founder and President of Timothy Plan in America, the nation’s leading biblically based mutual fund group, with funds in excess of $1 Billion dollars as of 2017.

Art was shocked at the financial status of most Christians and was burdened to compile a comprehensive teaching on financial stewardship, including getting out of debts. With the help of some of the most experienced Christian financial advisors and organisations, Art has put together a 6 part teaching, which he personally conducts.

How to Get Started

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Transform Your Money

Don’t put God’s entrusted resources to waste

Your journey to good stewardship starts here

With the help of some of the most experienced Christian financial advisors and organisations, Art has put together a 6 part comprehensive teaching on financial stewardship.

What do people say about the training?

Terry Lynch

Compass Christian Fellowship
“I attended the Biblical Stewardship seminar in Williams, AZ. First, I want to thank you for creating an environment where God’s grace, and love was evident. Secondly, I appreciated the Biblical Stewardship seminar and the presentation of the material. As most people I equated stewardship with money only. But through this seminar I have truly learned a different way of thinking about Biblical Stewardship, and would venture to say that I now view stewardship the “only” correct way and that is through the eyes of God and based on the Word of God.”

Mitch Burch

Church of God Ministries Anderson
“It is exactly what it says it is, A Biblical Stewardship Plan. I have been involved with both Financial Peace University as a local church pastor in Vancouver, Washington, and Biblical Stewardship Seminars and will tell you that if you want give your people a stewardship plan that is saturated with Biblical truth and that will set them free from the financial bondage they are in, this is it. It has been my experience that once your people are set free, they will give more to the mission and ministry of the church. You will appreciate the Biblical integrity and straight forward approach of Biblical Stewardship Seminars.”


$150.00 AUD


$135.00 AUD

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