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KBN Weekly Devotionals

As A Man Thinks – Power of your thoughts

Posted July 08, 2024

As A Man Believes

Posted June 10, 2024

The Good Samaritan

Posted May 27, 2024

Causes of Poverty

Posted May 20, 2024

Dear  Why will the poor be always among us? What are the causes of poverty? What should my attitude be towards the poor? This week's devotional will explore 7 causes of poverty and how we can avoid falling victim to poverty as a result of our sinfulness.

Success Through The Eyes Of God

Posted May 13, 2024

Dear , This will be the last devotional Pastor Anthony E. Moore conducted a series of powerful and inspiring devotional sessions. Due to the overwhelming response from his devotional sessions, we have decided to feature one more devotional from his book, One Moore Minute. If you've enjoyed reading...

The Word Works At Work

Posted May 06, 2024

Dear , This devotional special feature is from Anthony E. Moore's 40-day devotional series, One Moore Minute. If you've enjoyed this special, you can continue the entire series by purchasing his book. 

Faith Will Get You Through

Posted April 29, 2024

When Fear Jeopardies Your Future

Posted April 22, 2024

How Humility Heals

Posted April 15, 2024

Simple Faith Is all it takes

Posted April 08, 2024

Dreaming of Goodness

Posted April 01, 2024

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